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 Digital Marketing Course

If you have been following latest happenings in internet ecosystem, you would agree that Digital Marketing is here to stay as long as internet stays. So, this is the perfect time to get into the water and start swimming. Industry is in need of trained resources & there is still a huge gap to fill.

Our Digital Marketing Course aims at providing you basic and advanced Digital Marketing processes which will enable you to get started and thrive in this industry.

This comprehensive Digital Marketing Course is designed for Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, MBA’s and Graduates seeking to master Digital Marketing techniques. Our Digital Marketing Training is drafted by microscopic observation of current industry trends.

Future of Marketing & Sales is now clearly seen in Digital Media. This is also a good opportunity to turn yourself into Pro blogger.

The framework of Digital Marketing Course has been designed to provide you the best practical exposure to Digital Marketing. Because, we believe that “you cannot master to drive a car without actually being in the driver’s seat.”

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 SEO Training Course

“The safest place for your life’s savings is the second page of Google. Why? Because nobody checks it !” In today’s age of cloud technology, people are looking for more information in less time possible. Visibility has the top priority in the online space and every business is striving for that. SEO helps to achieve exactly that.

Our SEO training Course is the answer to the most frequently asked questions, how to get your place on the first page of the Google & other search engines. “We saw that a thousand results weren’t necessarily as useful as 10 good ones” – Sergey Brin, Google(Co-founder).  Our SEO Training is designed towards achieving these few very useful results. Well, search engines work on algorithms.

SEO is a process of understanding how search engine works, understanding there guidelines, best practices & implementing them to improve website rankings & generate relevant traffic on websites. SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing. We impart a complete practical SEO Training In Pune, with the latest SEO trends.

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Search Engine Marketing Course (SEM)  

Businesses are now striving to achieve the balance between traditional digital advertising. SEM plays a key role in Digital Marketing. This model is used to generate inorganic but relevant traffic to websites. PPC model is widely used i.e. advertisers pays to publishers only when the ad is clicked by the user. Our Online Advertising Course will enable you to achieve the maximum ROI possible from online advertisements. We will equip you with skill sets required to keep the cost of online ad campaigns low & achieving the best result at the same time. Currently, Google is the market leader in Online Advertising space, followed by Yahoo.


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Social Media Marketing Course (SMM) 

The basic principle of marketing is, businesses has to go where customers go; and now customers are on Social Media platforms. Social Media Marketing isn’t just about being present on the social media, but about executing best practices to achieve optimum results. Our Social Media Marketing Course will enable you in identification of Target Audience, selection of online channels, tracking results and choosing the relevant strategy. Social Media Marketing course centers on effort to create content that attracts attention and encourages target community to share it with their social networks. There are many social networks coming up with unique and specialized ideas. For example, LinkedIn focuses on professional side of the individual and businesses. Each of these social network has it’s special target audience and specialized features. Social Media Marketing is much more than it appears to be from the outer. There is a huge demand for Social Media Marketing Experts in the industry.

Success Stories

I have received a wholesome training experience from Digital Marketing Course at Webclincher Academy, exactly what I had hoped for since the beginning. The training included ample of excellent examples, case studies along with their immediate implementation into various live projects. I Have received some of the best nuances of trade which could not have been possible from other training sources.

Shantanu Sawant

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